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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Defining Your Life for You

What is your definition of success? Great relationships? Perfect Health? Work you love? Financial resources? Spirituality?

Have you come across...
1. 100 Reasons to Be Happy!
2. 3 Habits to Make You Happy
3. Simple Rule For a Peaceful and Happy Life
4. How to Make 2009 Your Best Year Ever
5. How to Be Happy and Successful in 2009 - Follow These 5 Easy Steps to a Fabulous New Year & New You!
6. 21 Ways to Make Someone's Day
7. The Essential Ingredient to Finding Happiness in Your Life
8. My Best New Year's Resolution Tips For 2009
9. 4 Easy Ways to Live a Happier Life - Positive Psychology
10. 3 Steps to Loving Your Life
11. The 18 Characteristics of Happy People
12. 5 Tips to Being Happy
13. 5 Secrets to Getting (and Staying) Happy
14. How to Be Happy in Life - The 9 Paths to Happiness
15. Who Leads the Happier Life, the Cynic Or the Believer? A Look at Both Perspectives

How do you decide which way you are going to go?
Is your life just an everyday drag you let the air blow away with?

or are you willing to grow old and reflect and die in peace and accomplishment?

2 inspired and motivated:

Daanish said...

nice and thought provoking (as always your words are)...."willing to grow old and reflect and die in peace and accomplishment".ameen !!

I believe: "the only way to have enough stamina to be true to yourself,is to follow your heart.Bless your difficulties and ask to see their hidden guidance".

Anonymous said...

Daanish :D
I wish to do that... sometimes i get off course but then the belief gets me back on track!

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