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Friday, February 27, 2009

Make it your Reason!

Even if I did not have a profession to support my strong stance, I'd still tell them off by this.
Ah well everyone has the liberty to pour as they like.
If someone does not appreciate, tell them to hit the road. After all it isn't always about pleasing everyone.

Life is too short to make them all happy and given them all reasons to be happy.
As long as you are happy. Live it! :)

Ah I love my profession :D

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WarmSunshine said...


Anonymous said...

:D good! it's awesome to love what you do so that working is a blast :D

skywind said...

Yes, you are right great. To do our own thing, to let others go Say. (Smile)

Onthewingsofadream said...

I am glad i love mine as well ...though there is lot more I have to do ...:-)

U do a wonderful job ...I love ur blogs ..sometims can not catch up all ..but try to as much as I can

Anonymous said...

Preeti... your boosters echo through my existence :D i love you!

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