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Friday, May 29, 2009

Q of the Day

Which fairy tale character do you think you are most like and why?

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mubi said...

aww this is the best question!!! :D i love fairy tals!!! but i dono what character i m :/

Bambola said...

Belle, from beauty and the beast - cause most of the time, I can see the good in people, even when they have a beastly exterior. I try to at least. =) Great question.

Anonymous said...

i m not a fairy tales person..but anyone who did a lot of wrongs to know the value of what's right..would do for me :P

Anonymous said...

why havent you put my awards on your blog :(

AD said...

oye i have.

how could i not have used em :D
you had so much love showered

WarmSunshine said...

hmmm... Ariel... free spirited and ambitious :)

Batool said...

GusGus from Cinderella =)
I love that little guy haha

AD said...

hahaha Batool that is a rockin pick :D
love that rollu pollu!

Anonymous said...

I'm so Fiona...does it count?

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