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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How To Deal With Negative Feedback

Let me direct you to Eric Hamm who has laid it out completely for us amateurs to get the hang of the feed back we receive and how we should deal with it.

"As human beings, we are affected by the feedback we receive from those around us. Whether good, bad or neutral, the words we hear and the tone in which they are seasoned, can have a powerful impact on how we feel about ourselves and how we see the world around us. From the time we first take notice of this double edge we call the tongue, we are keenly aware of its sting as well as its ability to uplift the somber soul."

How To Stop Letting People Make Or Break Your Life!

Let’s stop handing over the keys to other people’s opinions and bring stability to our personal perspective of ourselves.

Tip #1: Determine the usefulness of the negative feedback.

Tip #2: Beware of the dangerous Half-Truth

Tip #3: Determine WHO you will listen to

Tip #4: Accept your imperfections

Tip #5: Take a breather

Tip #6: Build momentum regardless of reaction

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2 inspired and motivated:

PULKIT said...

thanks@@ I am really poor at handling criticism... I take it too personally!
will try to work on the tips u provided!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

I keep telling my brother this all the time (he has one crazy ex-girlfriend)

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