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Monday, June 29, 2009

You don't have to

You are free to walk away from the thoughts, habits and actions that have held you back. You don't have to keep pulling yourself down. You don't have to.

The negative thoughts, the self-defeating things you do, may have become so familiar that you think they're a part of you. They are not. You have the strength to leave them behind.

You know well what helps you, and what hurts you. You know what brings growth and fulfillment, and what is a waste of time. You know. And you don't have to tolerate another moment of being any less than the best you can be.

You know what you need, and what you can do. Do what needs to be done, and stop what needs to stop. Take control of each of your moments. Live your possibilities in joy and earnest.

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Lonely Perverted Soul said...

i wish i cud implement ths...

Anonymous said...

Well said!

The metaphorical strings which keep us "attached" or hooked on to the past can easily broken... it needs strength of mind, and courage of heart to believe that you want to step away from them.

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