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Thursday, July 30, 2009

closer to reality

The more clearly you can visualize something, the closer it is to becoming reality.

Imagine owning a brand new luxury car. Now, imagine doing the things necessary to obtain that new car. Now, imagine being the person who is capable of doing those things. Now, imagine taking the necessary steps to be that person. See yourself taking the steps to be the person who can do the things necessary to purchase a new luxury car. The more real it becomes in your mind, the closer it is to actual reality.

When you absolutely know that something will happen in your life, it will happen. That's not to say that anything is effortless, or that you can just "think" something into existence. Every moment you are making some kind of effort. A clearly defined, sharply focused visualization of what you want to accomplish, will align those efforts to bring about whatever you can intensely visualize. You are a bundle of energy, creativity and effectiveness, waiting to be directed by your own thoughts.

Know that you can do it. Truly know, and you will make it happen.

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