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Monday, July 13, 2009

You can do it

The biggest obstacle standing between you and anything you want, is your lack of belief that you can have it. Once you truly believe it is possible, once you can see yourself doing it or being it or having it, the rest is just details. With belief, plus the commitment to follow through and do whatever it takes, anything can be yours.

What is it that you truly want to do? You can do it. Realize that you are as capable as any person. See yourself doing it. Touch it. Hear it. Taste it. Walk inside of it. Drive around in it. Believe in it and believe that it is yours.

Everything you need to get there is available to you, when you believe and when you commit to getting there. Know that you can do it. Nothing can hold you back once you have belief and commitment. You will find a way.

You can. Do it.

4 inspired and motivated:

Constructive Attitude said...

So true! Thanks for posting :)

TudorCity Girl said...

Great post. This is SO true. I posted something similar. Have to really believe it for yourself, feel it and always keep the hope it IS going to happen! Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

My comment... I have a post scheduled for Saturday... kinda my comment on this post!

AD said...

sometimes i dont even have faith in me

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