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Monday, August 24, 2009

Ambition or Arrogance

Too many people confuse ambition with arrogance, and then wonder why it fails them.

The distinctions between ambition and arrogance are sometimes subtle, yet critical. From a distance, the two can appear to be the same. However, their results are worlds apart.

Ambition is expecting the best of yourself. Arrogance is believing you are better than others. Ambition is the desire to make a difference. Arrogance is the belief that you're indispensable. Ambition is doing whatever it takes to accomplish what you know you deserve. Arrogance is thinking that the world owes you something, and doing what you can to take it. Ambition is disciplined and assertive. Arrogance is pushy. Ambition is responsible and respectful. Arrogance is destructive and disdainful.

Are you driven by ambition or arrogance? Arrogance will drive you into the ground. Ambition will drive you to the top.

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Jack said...


I thought ambition is a want to achieve something. It could be something which you feel you can or even if you feel it is out of reach but can be achieved by hard work. I totally agree on arrogance part.

Take care

Usha said...

Driven by ambition I hope :s
Great post!!

Did I mention the template is awesome? Well it rocks as well :D

Intricate said...

Hmm nice post..
I have met a lot of people, who, come to think of it, are ambitious, really good at what they do, but at the same time, pretty arrogant as well.
These are the people who like to think that no one can be better than them.. and it really drives me crazy, and this is exactly what drives me away from them.. I hope I am not one of the arrogant type.. :|

Anoop said...

i'm sometimes driven by my ambitions..sometimes by arrogance too..
it depends on the situation..
but even after readin this blog, i don think i can help it. i gues no one could help it. They will always b the way they r... i gues... ;)

but this can make ppl think.. :)

haf fun

Anoop said...

good template btw...

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