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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Road to Forgiveness

It is only when we realize our self need to be forgiven; we cultivate in us the habit of forgiving. With it comes the intention of making life worth living for self and others around us and so the motto, 'Live and Let Live!'

In our habit as human we often indulge in the delight of treating people badly. So yes maybe they deserve it, but then is it worth it? To carry the heart in black filled with smoke and no ventilation? I have known some who deliberately come in finding ways to make lives miserable. I am yet to figure out the science where, we are so prone to pass judgments on others’ actions because somehow God has made us eligible enough to know exactly how the other person should behave. I get sick of people in general. It is not a habit it has been stabbed into my system. I use the expression stab, because it had been their deliberate attempt for me to abhor them so much. My friends tell me I am an easy to adjust with person, because I am. I don’t have a hard and fast line drawn on the good and bad, unless it concerns me and I judge no one on the basis of their doings. Some people come in and shit from their mouths and yet I keep my cool and let it pass; for the stink can only stay until I spray my air freshener or until I pull the flush. As we progress in our resurgence from the staunch judgmental fool to the forgiving souls, we find that, to accept ourselves, we must accept those around us. It is easy to label and say someone is full of crap and doesn’t need to be done any forgiveness or good deed with but the hard part is to let it go and feel free from the ache of excess unnecessary baggage. I have tried it, I have let my baggage off and it really feels great.

It may be difficult to be an audience to someone’s insanity as he/she displays more signs of going deep into the gutter than any revival. I have detached myself from the problems, just so I can start living in the solution. Now if I feel affected by anyone's actions or words, no matter how much it cuts me through I have adorned in my attire the smile of forgiveness. I am willingly being staunch about it. I choose to forgive and let go. Insane!!! Yes I hear you. But it is peace and that is my seek.

I have expected things to be my way for a long time. But today might be the day where I will strive to forgive more whether you forgive me or not. There is no give and take for me in this. I will give; I will try to act in such a way that I ignite in me the reason of self-love, of worthiness, of God's approval of me.

And Gandhi ji said,

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Anonymous said...

Forgive people whom you may or may not be ready to forgive! That is the biggest damage you can cause them :)

Jack said...


It is difficult for a human being to forgive so easily but once it is realised that by not doing so we are stooping to the level of person who hurt us, we would forgive. And the person so forgiven will feel so humbled that he will not be in position to hurt us any more.

Take care

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

you can forgive people big deal. you can forgive ur best frnd 4 being a pain in tha arse at times 2. but how many times? and how many times r u allowed 2 4give urself?

for some reason u touch my life everyday. (almost)

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

i dare add that in this world. sorry and thank you are HIGHLY UNDERATED.

Americanising Desi said...

lol @ Almost :)

keep forgivin!

IcE MaiDeN said...

how do u forgive someone who came into ur life and destroyed everything u workd so hard to build, carelessing threw away ur heart, making it incapable of ever trusting anyone again?? its very easy to say that forgiving ppl makes us feel lighter, but it isnt so easy to actually do.


rahul said...

nice lines..forgiving is cathartic..but yeah some ppl. take advantage of it!!

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