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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Watching ur thoughts

Hold one hand out in front of you, look at it carefully, and then use it to pick up some object -- a pencil, a paper clip, your computer's mouse. Watch your hand as it holds the object. Then set the object back down and release it. Though the object is not a part of you, you can pick it up and use it when needed, and then set it aside when you're finished.

Now, in the same way that you've just observed your body, try observing the thoughts which course through your mind. Take a figurative "step back," and see each thought as it comes into your mind. Detach yourself from the thoughts and see them as things which your mind picks up, holds, and then discards.

Realize that although they are very useful and influential in your life, your thoughts are not you. If there's a negative, limiting thought occupying your mind, you have the ability to set it aside. The next time a frustrating, angry or despairing thought finds its way into your consciousness, step back, observe yourself thinking it, and see how pointlessly destructive it is. Then move it out of the way. Put something positive and uplifting in its place.

Hold on to the thoughts that serve you and set the rest aside.

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KiLLa said...

I threw someone with a wireless mouse..

And its like totally your fault..

Cos like, u said put ur hands out in front and pick up something etc etc

And naturally u wanna throw wat u pick up..

So like ya..Your fault :D

Americanising Desi said...

hahahahaha you are so on it arent ya :P

KiLLa said...

Drugs: The final frontier.. These are the stories of KiLLa's Enterprise. A journey that will, by no doubt venture you to unknown pastures where you will boldly go, where no man has eva gone before..

(probably Macedonia.. cos like u dont hear ppl goin to macedonia do u)

Americanising Desi said...

yes sir! i sure havent :P
and there always is a first time... and truly u r watchin ur thoughts make way into mine!

KiLLa said...

First time.. To goto Macedonia..

I dont think so.. Like Why..
Why on earth would you want to go there..

I googled "Holiday in Macedonia"

Google replied " Are you serious"

I swear.. Try it

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