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Thursday, October 1, 2009

10 Virtues To Live By And Look For!

Honesty: Always truthful, Never lies, deceives, steals or takes advantage of the trust of others.
(Opposite: Dishonest, Insincere)

Respectfulness: Treating others and their property with care, honor and respect. Never rude, abusive or malicious.
(Opposite: Disrespectful)

Generosity: Giving to others. Thinking more of someone else’s needs rather than your own.
(Opposite: Greedy, Miser, Scrooge)

Perseverance: To have confidence that you can do what you set out to do and then to finish what you’ve started inspite of adversity.
(Opposite: A Quitter)

Authenticity: To be sincere, genuine, true, and reliable.
(Opposite: Superficial, Fake, Unreliable)

Purity: To have and practice sexual self-control in thought, word and action.
(Opposite: Promiscuous)

Loyalty: A personal commitment to support, protect and defend family, faith, friends, teammates, school, and country (even under pressure).
(Opposite: Unfaithful)

Modesty: To dress, speak and act in ways that promote pure, clean thoughts and actions. Always humble. Never selfishly seeking attention or causing lustful thoughts or sinful actions.
(Opposite: Immodest, Prideful, Crude, Showboating)

Justice: Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.
(Opposite: Treating Others Unfairly)

Patience: Calmly waiting. Putting up with pain, troubles, difficulties, and hardships without complaining. To wait or persevere without losing heart or becoming bored.
(Opposite: Impatient. I want it Now!)

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Jack said...

A D,

Read 4 posts now, including Qs. Take care is my most used phrase. Save yourself, a factual statement. Phone call, I am sure you mean living one, wife who else. Virtues, again you did it. If we possess these, the life will be so peaceful.

Take care

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