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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Problems with Solutions [2]

* Loneliness : The belief that no one loves us, that no one cares and we must desperately cling to anyone who finds us attractive or acceptable . This creates dependency, not intimacy.

The solution
Accurate Self-Assessment : Not everyone will love you, but many people will if they meet you, get to know you, and spend time working/playing along side you.

* Resentment : Holding anger and refusing to move beyond real or imagined mistreatment in the past . Some people spend their whole lives as “victims”, nurturing a terrible event in their past.

The solution
Let go! Life is not fair and people do not always behave well or kindly . Use your trauma to make you wise, kind, gentle, and strong . Holding anger will not work.

* Self-Doubt : The repeated, endless questioning of your own abilities, opinions or actions . The inability to take a stand, to act boldly, or to follow-through.

The solution
Action! Think clearly, then take action and follow-through : Start small, but do it! You are the world’s expert on your life! Use your wisdom to live well.

* Stubbornness : The refusal or inability to re-assess a situation, change your mind, or admit you were wrong.

The solution
Wisdom and Humility : Only a fool stays on a course that is headed for disaster! Search for new and better information, remain flexible, open and creative . When the situation changes, adjust accordingly and set a new course.

* Addiction : Humans become addicted to drugs, but we also become addicted to our jobs, our opinions or our lifestyle . We can be addicted to people and need them rather than love them.

The solution
Take a vacation! Periodically, walk in someone else’s shoes . Break your habits, re-arrange your schedule, delegate those things that only you can do “right” . Use habits and traditions to set you free, don’t let habits enslave you!

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in search of ...... said...

well we both have the same way or approach towards life...instead of sayin this is wrong n all we try to figure the solution.....this addiction thing most of us dun even realise.....gr8 work bro...

Haris Gulzar said...

I'd say one can only get to a solution when he knows he has a problem. How would one, for example, know if he is stubborn or not?

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