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Monday, November 23, 2009

Every Day

Every day is the best day ever. No second chances and no regrets, now and now and now. Memory is a reminder of… memory is a reminder that things were one way before, but TODAY is the chance to make everything how you want it to you be.
The first step is the first step towards the sun.

Start your day:

Today is going to be the best today that I can live.

Wake up.
Breathe in; the sun warms the air and your lungs smile.
The sunshine in your lungs permeates your blood.
Spreads throughout your entire body.
Energy, energy, energy.

6 inspired and motivated:

Sophia Ali said...

Wonderful...Will wake up and say to myself - Today is going to tbe the best day tht I can live. :)

freelancer said...

now that's the way to start my day :)

sp.ajay said...

waking up is a big problem these days! winter is akin to killer bee in Himachal, go to sleep;

Anonymous said...

I like it, i like it ..!

PaPiLLon said...

Hey!!...that was really a damn inspiring post...i think you really do spread a lot of positivity around you..

btw..u gotta a really nice blog out here..way to be gal!!


Jack said...

A D,

Read all pending posts. I would rather express my love for one whom I truely love than to regret later by being safe. One should take up what one's heart is in and surely one will be achieve the highest.

Take care

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