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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Exercise 1 – One picture a day

For the period of a week, a month, or even a year take one picture a day of the people and things that make life ‘go round’ for you. Take a snapshot of the people who help you every day – the mechanic who keeps your car going or the day-care provider who loves your child, even folks you see every day like your mail carrier or the cashier at the grocery store who always asks about your family. Use that camera phone to look for beauty in the natural world – the flaming maple tree on your street, the red tomatoes coming up in a garden or the dog that always welcomes you home with tail wagging enthusiasm. Take a photo of things that help make your life work; your car; good winter coat; your canoe or kayak, bicycle or skis, stereo, piano, guitar, books, great food.

2 inspired and motivated:

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna start doing this iA

Usha said...

You just gave me a splendid idea. Thanks. I'm gonna work on it. :D

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