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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Achievements come to those who remain steadfast, to those who can stay focused and positively committed no matter what. Though the winds may blow, though the rain and snow may come, the mountain stands firm. Be a mountain. Stay firm in your resolve to reach the destination you have chosen.

Trivial and meaningless things will come along to distract you. Choose to ignore them and continue moving surely and steadily in the direction you have chosen. Worries, fears, and anxieties will spring up. Listen to what they have to say, learn from them and then let them go as you continue to move steadily forward.

Others will criticize you, and doubt you, and perhaps even laugh at you for the steadiness of your purpose. Pay no heed to their doubts, for you are on the path toward achievement.

Many will set goals, yet too few will persist long enough to see them through. Be among those who do, and you'll experience the joy and fulfillment that only true, meaningful achievement can bring.

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Rahul Jain said...

I always feel one thing, achievement will come to your door step, you can't go and search for it..

Like there's a saying, luck has a strange attitude of favouring those who hardly has time for it

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