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Friday, January 29, 2010

Energy drains

If you seem to lack the energy to move forward, ask yourself this question. What is draining you?

Are there negative habits or thought patterns that steal your energy away? Make the effort to identify them and make the commitment to change.

Are there people in your life who drain your energy with their negativity? Choose to get yourself more often around more positive, enthusiastic, empowered and empowering people.

Are you being constantly depleted by your focus on the world's difficulties? Challenge yourself to identify the positive possibilities that are present in every difficult situation, and remember that the future is what you make it.

Is too much of your energy being consumed by a particular shortcoming in your skills or abilities? Take the time to make improvements in those skills, and transform weakness into strength.

Whatever may be draining your energy, you can find it and successfully deal with it. Once you do, you'll find you have all that is necessary to accomplish whatever you choose.

2 inspired and motivated:

Jack said...

A D,

Hope it is followed by all as this will ensure better not only productivity but life too.

Take care

Mubi said...

we will hv to make conscious effort and realise our shortcomings..

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