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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feel your way forward

Do the disappointments make you feel disappointed? There's no reason they must.

Do the frustrations and annoyances make you feel frustrated and annoyed? There's nothing that says they have to.

The fact is, you can feel precisely the way you choose to feel, whatever the situation may be. And you can use the power of your feelings to lead you into more positive, empowering territory.

When things are going great, you can choose to feel great. What's even better is that when things are not going so good, you can still choose to feel great.

Your feelings don't have to keep you imprisoned within the negative circumstances. Instead, choose positive, meaningful feelings that will free you from those difficult situations.

You can feel any way you wish, so choose to feel your way forward in the direction of your most treasured dreams. Right now, feel the way you most want to feel, and let those feelings set the direction for your life.

2 inspired and motivated:

Mayz said...

sounds nice comin from u...will remind u of ur own words when u feel down

Aeish said...

That's inspirational!

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