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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Remarkable Life

The triumphs will be sweet and the regrets will sting. Take it all in, whatever it may be, and move on steadily ahead.

Whatever experience life may bring your way, find in it something to value. Take that value and make the most of it as you apply it in a positive, purposeful direction.

Concern yourself not with what is wrong, but with how you can make it better. Take pleasure not in what you have, but in what it can enable you to do.

Let go of the envy, the anger and despair. Hold on to the love, the joy and the hope.

In each ending, find the new beginning that is surely there. In each setback find the will to go forward, and use each success to create value that goes far beyond yourself.

Appreciate every moment, whatever that moment may bring. And from those moments will come a remarkable life.

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Raj said...

what if there is no love no hope and no joy where you are standing?

iamyuva said...

and my 2cents on life (un)defined

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