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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Even Though

Even though you have every right to be angry, you have every reason to let it go. For when you let go of your anger, you make more room for joy.

Even though your first impulse may be to retaliate, you're likely to be better off when you reconcile and forgive. After all, when you've been hurt, it makes no sense for you to prolong the hurt with your own attitude and actions.

Even though the world is often cruel and unfair, it does not have to get you down. The more fully and willingly you accept what is, the more power you have to improve upon it.

Even though many things will come along that could be frustrating and annoying, you can always choose to respond with patience and with grace. By so doing, you'll be building strength as well as focusing your energy in a more positive and productive direction.

Even though events may not go your way, you can continue to move in the direction of your own choosing. Success depends very little on being given what you want, and much more on becoming the best you can be.

Even though life has its setbacks, disappointments and tragedies, they pale in comparison to the new and positive possibilities that increase with each passing moment. Choose to fully live the immeasurable blessing that is your life, and every day will move you forward

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mubi said...

truly inspired !

Tweety said...

this is one of the most inspiring blogs i haveread...i m honestly a pessimist in nature...n reading ur blog gave me sooo much of pleasure...i am glad someone lives with so much optimism n hope in of now i wld say...u really touched my life with your wrds..

Adisha said...

A VERY Inspiring post.. After ages I've come across such motivational words ... :)

WarmSunshine said...

inspired indeed :)

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