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Saturday, February 20, 2010

KFC(Keeping Fantastic Character) Secret Recipe

You may know or remember that Colonel Harland Sanders of KFC said that he has a Secret Recipe for KFC which made KFC Fried Chicken one of the Best Fried Chicken around? Ever wonder the Secret Recipes for Life itself?

Well here’s my own KFC (Keeping Fantastic Character) Secret Recipe for a Better Life.:

2 cups of Passion
1/2 tsp of Commitment
1/2 tsp of Smile
1/2 tsp of Music
1/2 tsp of Initiative
1 tbsp of Optimism
1 tbsp of Dreams/ Goals
1 tbsp of Knowledge
4 tbsp of Love
2 tsp of Honesty
1 tsp of Humor
3 tbsp Happiness

Mix all ingredients well in a large bowl of daily life or routinity.

Dip yourself inside the social environment.
Then turn yourself over in regular daily conflicts and intrigues.
Finally plunge yourself in the mixed mixture (above)

Happy Cooking Guys…:)

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Anonymous said...

thats all the right ingredients with exact quantities (Y)...

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