The imagination is so delicate that sometimes even words wound it

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What if?

It's common to become upset and ineffective when things go wrong. What if you became more determined, more positive, and more focused instead?

It's easy to be insulted and defensive when another person criticizes you. What if, instead, you listened with an open mind and made an effort to understand the person's point?

It's natural to give up after the first few attempts fail to bring the desired results. What if you persisted as long as necessary?

It's convenient to make quick judgments about people, ideas and circumstances based on initial appearances. What if, instead, you took the time to look more deeply?

It's comfortable to go through each day making the same old assumptions, not venturing very far from what you already know. What if, instead, you truly opened yourself to the vast, vibrant richness of life?

You know how life can be, living the way you've always lived. What if you knew it could be even better, and used each moment to make it so?

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Aman said...

very well said! will try this :)

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