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Friday, April 23, 2010


Excellence is won through the pursuit of perfection. As we keep competing with ourselves, as we shave off a second from our running record, or make a chapatti rounder than our earlier attempt, we land on the cutting edge of excellence. We are as good as we can get today. Tomorrow, we will push the envelope once again. Life begins to be truly exciting and even mundane tasks become absorbing when we approach them from this vantage view. Washing dishes, sweeping the floor, cooking, cutting vegetables, making a balance sheet, directing traffic, driving, each of them can help us get that much closer to perfection.

, like other absolute ideals, can never be won, but its pursuit is the most powerful drive we have to move along the path of growth and self-realisation.

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WarmSunshine said...

my mom's a perfectionist and im proud of her :)

Jack said...

A D,

Read 2 posts now. Agree with the previous one. Perfection is harmful if it becomes obsession.

Take care

Sach! said...

so apt! I thing the first sentence says it all. Just be perfect! We women were born to attain perfection... :) :)

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