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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Always Keep God As Our Companion

When we are in the elevated company of the One God, no bad company will influence us. Sometimes when we are working for our self-development we sometimes wish for support or understanding from others which we don't always get. We actually look for a role model, whom we could follow or who could be an inspiration for us. When we don't find anyone like that we tend to get disheartened and continue to justify ourselves for not bringing any change in ourselves. The solution lies in becoming a role model and a source of support for others instead of expecting others to do so. For this we need to pay extra attention to the kind of company we keep. Under all circumstances, if we keep God as our companion we will not be influenced by any other company, however strong they might be. We will then be able to bring about change in ourselves.

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Deeps!! said...

well said.. :)

Saanj said...

Absolutely true n very very well said hugggs :)

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