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Monday, May 17, 2010

Savor Life

There is beauty and wonder in every direction, if you'll simply take the opportunity to see it. Every day, every situation, every person you encounter brings something that will add richness to life.

Each moment holds the prospect of a new experience. Eagerly drink in all of those experiences, for in them you will find the fertile substance of life.

The more earnestly you savor life, the more you will find to savor. In the spectacular times and in the ordinary moments, there is always plenty to add to the priceless treasure of experience.

Savor life as quickly as it comes. And experience for yourself its overwhelming abundance.

3 inspired and motivated:

Anonymous said...

that was beautiful AD, i mean it, beautiful.

Divaa Divine said...

i hope u r savorin life

Anonymous said...

oh yesh i am :D
all thanks to you for making it more beautiful with those glittering words =)

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