The imagination is so delicate that sometimes even words wound it

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Live for Joy

Imagine nothingness. Imagine being surrounded by absolute nothingness. There is no light, no sound, no sensation, no form, no hot, no cold. It is difficult to even know if you are alive or not.

As you float through this nothingness, suddenly you feel your feet hit something solid. You look around, and there is light, there is a beautiful blue sky. A cool breeze gently blows against your face and leaves rustle in the trees above your head. Suddenly you are in a world full of color, sound, and sensation. Many others like you are there, too. You can move about, you can communicate, you can create, you can drink in the beauty, and explore to your heart's delight. This wondrous place is not without its challenges. Yet the incredible possibilities open to you make the problems seem trivial by comparison.

This is not a fantasy. You are really here, right now. You've had the good fortune to land on this magnificent shore, where each day holds a new treasure. Now, live the joy.

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Mubi said...

:) good post as usual..always gives something to think about...and reflect on life from a new perspective. hv i told u i just love ur blog!

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