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Monday, August 2, 2010

Taste Accomplishment

Give yourself a little taste of accomplishment. And you'll find yourself wanting more.

Decide that you're going to finally take the first step toward a truly beautiful and meaningful dream. Soon you'll be running quickly and enthusiastically toward it.

Experience how great it feels to provide someone else with something of real value. You'll discover useful and positive things about yourself that you never knew before.

Stroll along the shore and get your feet wet in the ocean of fulfillment. Before long you'll be diving all the way in.

Seek to comprehend and to express what it means to you to be fully alive. Remember the reasons and purposes that make you who you are.

Take a little taste of life in all its richness and meaning. And give yourself an insatiable appetite for truly being your best.

-- Ralph Marston

3 inspired and motivated:

Jack said...

D D,

Read 3 posts now. I fully agree with Run or Learn. This one is very motivational.

Take care

aqua gurl said...

Awesome this post is...thnks

nikita said...


insatiable apetite..

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