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Monday, June 22, 2009

Push yourself!

If you're not a little bit nervous before a match,
you probably don't have the expectations of yourself
that you should have.
-- Hale Irwin

If you want to know the satisfaction of accomplishment, then you must also feel the apprehension that comes from pushing yourself to the edge of your abilities. In order to grow, we must venture out into unknown territory. We must take on challenges that make us uncomfortable.

It can be frightening, taking on new challenges. And we are so fearful of fear, eager to avoid fearful situations.

Have you ever considered, though, the benefits of fear? Fear gives us a heightened sense of alertness and razor sharp focus. We breathe a little deeper to take in more oxygen, and the heart beats a little faster. Fear blocks out all the trivial stuff, and gives us increased energy. Isn't that exactly what we need to take on a difficult challenge? Is fear really so bad?

Venture out. Reach higher than what you're comfortable with. Push yourself to the point where you feel the exciting apprehension that gives you the motivation and the energy to win.

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Anonymous said...

Hale Irvin says this well!

The first time that I opened the batting ever (about 5-6 years ago), I was so nervous that I stepped away 3 times as the bowler ran in for the first ball. I batted for 30 overs and scored 21 edgy and streaky runs.

Nothing has changed now either... well, perhaps I dont step away, but nerves and apprehension of not only getting the team to a good stable start, but also not letting anyone down is a major major factor to focus harder, to strive and score runs sensibly.

I guess one has to look at fear simillar to jumping out of a plane with only a parachute bag to your aid. You cant NOT STOP falling, and panic will result in, well... undesired results. What you could do though is take that moment, and pull that cord to hit the deck safely on your feet.

I have said much... but only because this is such an awesome post!!

AD said...

nope you havent said much at all :)

i am glad this makes some sense to someone besides me :)

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