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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Q of the day

Have you ever been compared to someone? Do you like being compared to others?

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N said...

When i was a kid i hated being compared to my sis, she was prettier and i was an ugly duckling :(
with time, i started looking like her replica ... n now i like it when they compare us :)

AD said...

awwww :)
some wait does pay off for the better doesnt it!

Anonymous said...

As a kid, comparisons to others were normal - I think it's a cultural thing in every aspect.

I don't like being compared to others; I am my own person, and I do things and exist in my own way. Sure, I may emulate someone at some point in time, but as a whole - I believe in the way I am.

Dad always says - "Haath ke paanchhow oongliya ek tarah to nahi rehti na?"

AD said...

:) i hate being compared!

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