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Monday, July 6, 2009

Either- Or

Don't get trapped by dualistic thinking. Just because A is true, does not make B false. Often, A and B can both be true.

The things you must do, can also be the things you want to do. What you give, can also be what you receive. What you teach, can also be what you learn. Your task can be difficult, and at the same time enjoyable. What is good for the customer, can also be good for the vendor.

Many times we make the mistake of defining things by what they are not. In so doing, we limit our thinking and our possibilities. In reality, there are very few opposites. Is teaching really the opposite of learning? Is female really the opposite of male? Is love really the opposite of hate? Is play really the opposite of work? Of course not. Many of the things we consider opposites, are in fact very similar. Our desire to classify and categorize, while often quite useful, can also be limiting.

Possibilities arise not from the destruction of other possibilities, but rather from the opening of the mind.

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Rahul Jain said...

You can say it as the matter of 'what you think', It depends on you, if you take every task as a challenge it'll be fun, at the same time if you take it just as another responsibility it becomes burden..

Anonymous said...

I feel like taking this post and gluing it on the face of a colleague, cutting holes for her eyes and giving her a mirror to read this....

This colleague is forever demoralizing, putting down others or finding faults; she is the supreme being, and I would love to highlight to her that "Possibilities arise from the opening of the mind."

*rant over*

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