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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hands on the wheel

No one would dare to drive down the highway without their hands on their car's steering wheel. Yet we often cruise down the highway of life with no hands on the wheel.

The mind is like a steering wheel for living. Whatever way it is turned, life obediently follows. And when we fail to exercise control of our mind, life becomes reckless. Instead of keeping our hands firmly on the wheel, instead of purposefully directing our thoughts, we let our minds get turned in every which direction.

The results are often disastrous. Our lives weave into oncoming traffic, and we get hit head on. We often leave the road completely, and head out over rough terrain, which jolts us and jars us until we finally break down.

In life, as in driving a car, the swiftest, most reliable progress is made by staying firmly in control. To do that, we must know where we're going, we must plot a route to get there, and we must be disciplined enough to keep our hands firmly on the steering wheel.

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Anonymous said...

Life has no autopilot.. we must put all our effort in our journey, but that is not always a simple thing to do.

Haris Gulzar said...

I sort of disagree with "In life, as in driving a car, the swiftest, most reliable progress is made by staying firmly in control". You should know where you're going and what the route would be, but one should also know that the control would still stay with someone else. Someone who's actually driving the car, and thats not us...

Anonymous said...

Well said! It's often shocking to see people let their lives veer out of control; it sucks even more when those people are/were close to you.

One point that you make is so very true - we fail to use our mind when making decisions, or plotting a vision, and when you do that, it all goes downhill from there!

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