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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


How much time do you spend working on something, after you've already finished it? Knowing when to stop, and having the discipline to move on to the next challenge, is a great way to get more accomplished.

Overkill is a tempting way to procrastinate while still "looking busy." Changing the font of every heading in a report that you've already finished is far easier than picking up the phone and calling prospects. Yet which would make the best use of your precious time?

Details are important. Doing your best is important. And results are vitally important. Achievement demands more than just being busy. Results count. Focus on being effective, rather than being busy. Direct your energy toward getting results, and you will achieve them.

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rabbit said...

lovely yaar ... kind of mode that i am in these days.
liked it...


Anonymous said...

I may have done this today at work.... it was one of those days where you didnt want to start the new bit of work because it would be done better with a fresh mind... regardless of the fact that I had 3 hours left in the day @:)

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