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Monday, August 17, 2009

Life's Energy!

Anyone who knows the basics of sailing can maneuver their boat to the desired destination, regardless of the wind direction. The ability to adjust the sails appropriately, and the amount of wind, are of far greater importance than the wind's direction.

Winners and achievers in life know how to use all of life's energy -- the tail winds AND the head winds -- to move ahead toward goal achievement. Fear gives us the heightened sense of awareness necessary for taking on difficult situations. Challenges give us superb opportunities for learning and growing. Setbacks and obstacles strengthen our resolve and determination. That is, if we decide to take them that way.

You can't control the wind, but you can control how to set your sails. And you can't control what life hands you, but you have complete control over what you do with it. Fear, setbacks, obstacles, and challenges can easily blow you off course -- or they can supply the energy to propel you ahead. It all depends on you.

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Nabeel said...

You write terrific, marvelous, fantastic. You are in my favorite list now.
I think so much positive and motivating things but can't put them in words and here you can do it so easily. I'm impressed...

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous piece of write up.Motivating and inspiring.Sometimes we know things so well but are not able to apply them that easily,it's then that post like these give us that extra push.
Thank you very much :)

Mubi said...

how do u write sooo well !! needed to read this post. thanks :)

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