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Monday, August 17, 2009

Q of the day

What is or was your favorite subject in school and why?

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Namine said...

I can't remember what grad I was in. But I was attending a Catholic Virtual School (it's schooling on the computer at home) and the teacher was a nun and she taught the most fabulous religious class ever. Mostly because she didn't force religion down my throat, she wanted her students to study all religions and come to a generally understanding. It was the best class I have ever had

IcE MaiDeN said...

ohhhh nice question :)

Hands Down - MATH!!! :P *yeah yeah i hav been geeky since the beginning of time :P :D*

Then came Science and then came English...

Loveddd these 3!! :)

Math cz I hav a tendency of thinking mathematically.. :P in terms of probability of this, and given that.. :P

Science cz all the teachers I had in school of this subect were so awesome.. and so passionate about what they taught, that the passion for science rubbed onto me :)

English, one cz it was a piece of cake, scoring subject and all. :P and two, because it came naturally to me. :)

:) *ok enuf boasting. sigh! I wish i cud be even half as good as i WAS in teh things i m doing ryt now.. :)*


Nabeel said...

In school it was Mathematics as I loved to solve the puzzles.

In university it become Marketing as I love to do the action

Mubi said...

yum yum qts :p biology in high school
and media studies now :p

Anonymous said...

Home economics, aka food technology, because it had a lot of practical work init :D cOOking food :P other then that i loved science and maths, because i was good at them..... i guess ..:p

Usha said...

Media Productions..we made was really fun :)

Karachiite said...

in school it was chemistry!!
then in high school it became maths n physics.. n then it kept the same!

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