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Friday, December 11, 2009

Exercise 3 – Each day for one month, practice savoring life with your senses.

Cultivate wonder, curiosity, amazement and a willingness to be surprised by using ALL your senses. On Monday, pay attention to smells and your remarkable nose. On Tuesday, focus on sounds and your amazing ears. On Wednesday focus on sight and the miracle of your eyes. On Thursday notice everything that touches your skin whether it’s sunlight, a breeze or the hand of someone who cares about you. On Friday use your sense of taste to enjoy the most delicious food! Each day focusing on a particular taste will help you enjoy the simple pleasures

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Raj said...

the smell in ur hair after a bath on monday.
your voice singing a lullaby on tuesday.
on wednesday your smile and the waves of unfaltering wisdom and beauty in your eyes.
on thursday your soft hands in the cold breeze.
on friday you... after we have just had an ice cream...


i m just a wee bit romantic today. hope you didnt mind. :)

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