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Friday, December 4, 2009



Implement your decision with zeal and conviction. It is the best call you could have made. Have confidence in it.


A tremendous advantage of being careful about this process for the big calls in life is the freedom of knowing you have done all you could do. You were careful, methodical and diligent giving the matter the importance it deserved. You made the best call that was possible at that time, knowing all that was knowable. So, do not look back, even if subsequent events temp you to think you went the wrong way. The only reason to look back is to review the process you used so you can improve it the next time.

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Jack said...

A D,

So the series ends now. These are factual statements. When you take a decision it is based on inputs you have. If it is proved wrong later, it is best to move on if you can not rectify it. No use of fretting over it as it will not serve any useful purpose.

Take care

Yellow Tulip said...

well siad dear:)...nice post..thought provokin

Raj said...

ad, if i think that way how m i 2 know that what i have done is not wrong. and what if what i have done is wrong?

Yadayada said...

the past is not mistakes, it is just experiences for u to learn from it and make u a better person :)

Mubi said...

whnever i come bk to the blogworld.. ur blog is the first one i hit :D *hug*

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