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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Unachieved Goals in the 11th Hour

You set a deadline and you’ve worked your ass off day in and day out. You’ve remained positive and you’ve jumped over and busted through any obstacles that stood in your way, but still, time is not on your side and it looks like you aren’t going to achieve your goal before the timer that you created is up.

This feeling is extremely frustrating and causes many people to fail.

So what can you do when it turns to the 11th hour and it feels like time is up?

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Rahul Jain said...

It's like a routine of my life..
I've never achieved my goal until..
Every time I get to start my job,it's like I set a dead line, I work off my ass hard, but finally I'll learn that 'the dead line was too short'..
I console myself by extending the dead line.. lol..

Purva said...

give it one last chance with full heart without worrying about the results

Mayz said...

time is neva up if ur drive isnt :)

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