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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Turning water into wine: 4 ways to make miracles happen

Life is full of miracles.

Many times the miracles are performed by ordinary people and not by divine intervention or a higher power.

You too can make miracles happen. Here are four ways you can do the “impossible,” accomplish amazing feats, change lives, and perform miracles.

1. Know that one person’s miracle is another person’s goal

Doing the “impossible” sometimes seems like performing miracles to the onlooker, but to the doer it’s not miracle work. It’s hard work; work that requires patience, persistence, and different thinking.

One person views it as a miracle that somehow falls into place and another person views it as a goal that they put into place.

2. Don’t expect to impress everyone

Just as some people will be blown away at what you’re able to accomplish, others will just yawn at you. They won’t understand the magnitude of what you’ve done or maybe they just don’t care.

Don’t look to impress anyone but yourself with what you can do.

3. Refuse to accept someone else’s failure as fact

Before we take on a difficult task we usually look to others who attempted similar feats. We’re looking for indications about how hard it’s going to be for ourselves and we’re mostly looking for inspiration to push us.

Often though, we don’t find much hope. Instead of inspiration we find a vast wasteland covered in the broken dreams of those who tried but didn’t succeed and gave up.

However, just because so many failed before you doesn’t mean that it’s the truth and your destiny. You can be the pioneer who drudges through that wasteland no matter how long it takes.

4. Find solace in difficultly

When do miracles happen? During good or bad times?

When things are going great these achievements and events aren’t considered miracles because they aren’t very amazing and they’re not really needed.

Miracles only happen during difficult times when hope seems lost. So find comfort for your mind and soul in the adversity you’re dealt. It’s during these rough patches when miracles are created and thrive.

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wow, i liked this post, really useful :)

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very inspiring dear:)...good one

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solace in difficulty. :)

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