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Monday, December 7, 2009

Ponder AGAIN!

1. I will never complain about a problem. I will supply a solution instead.

2. I will listen more than I speak.

3. If I don’t know, I will ask questions.

4. Everything is nothing without happiness. I must do what makes me happy.

5. I will never succumb to greed. Enough is enough.

6. Time is precious. I will manage my time effectively.

7. Right now is the only guaranteed moment in my life. I will make the best of it.

8. I will stand firm by my values without senselessly promoting them.

9. I will never over-promise. I will over-deliver on everything I commit to.

10. I will always assess the situation and provide value where needed.

11. I cannot make someone love me. I can only be someone who can be loved.

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