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Sunday, February 7, 2010


In any situation, you have a choice of how to react. When things are tense, frantic and hurried, stop and show a little kindness. An encouraging word, a helpful gesture, an offer of assistance or understanding can go a long way to turn things around.

It is easy to complain when things aren't going right. It is easy to criticize everyone and everything. But where does that get you? Perhaps a little kindness and understanding would help to change the situation. It certainly won't hurt.

People will respond to kindness. If you want someone on your side, if you want to persuade someone to see your point of view, one of the best ways is to approach them with sincere kindness and caring. It can diffuse a tense situation. It can help you to build rapport. And it must be sincere. It must come from the heart.

Try a little kindness, with no expectations of anything in return. It will improve your outlook, your effectiveness, and it might even lower your blood pressure! Put some kindness into the world and you'll like what the world gives back.

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Jack said...

A D,

Read all pending posts. Each one is a GEM. Liked the ones on Truth and Needs very much. Why don't you publish collection of these in a book form?

Take care

Caushiph Unvar said...

as JACK said , i just want to add that , there shud be one clikc on main page for reading all the section in one go

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