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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Aggressively positive

Seize the opportunities to be helpful and considerate. Walk away from the opportunities to be hurtful and mean. There will be a time the good and kind things you do will come back to you. There will be a time when the needlessly cruel things you do will come back to you. Which would you rather have coming back?

No one gains anything when you seek to hurt another. In fact, everyone loses. You cannot lift yourself up by pushing someone else down. If someone hurts you, the best response is not to hurt them in return. That only perpetuates a continuing downward spiral. The best response is to break the pattern, to end the hurt, to move actively and aggressively forward.

There's no need to let others take advantage of you. Be firm, yet don't be cruel. Look for ways to turn the situation in a positive direction. Those ways are there. Just imagine what can happen when you find them and follow them.

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Fareed said...

Only Jesus and Superman could levitate and lift themselves without a foothold. Everyone else could well use some downtrodden no-hopers to trample on and built upon. Come to think of it, there is no other reason.

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