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Friday, February 5, 2010

Needless Needs

Do you really need to win every argument? Even in the unlikely event that you win an argument, what have you really gained?

Do you really need to arrange things so that you can feel superior to everyone else? Even when you've been hurt by others, do you ever really receive anything of positive value by hurting them in return?

Do you really need all the many things that you strive to consume or possess? Do you really need to spend every moment concerned about what others will think of you?

How much of your time and energy do you spend satisfying needs that you don't really need? Imagine the sense of freedom that would come from simply letting go of the most useless of those needs.

Practice focusing your effort and attention not on what you must get, but rather on the best you can be. Real abundance comes more from quality than from quantity.

Spend less time striving to acquire and possess and satisfy every perceived need, and you'll have much more time and energy to truly live. The less you need, the more real richness your life will have.

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Raj said...

The less you need, the more real richness your life will have.

now thats a lesson worth remembering.

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