The imagination is so delicate that sometimes even words wound it

Sunday, April 25, 2010

On the inside

One day, your innermost imaginings will become your outermost reality. So what are you imagining? Is your inner self full of fear, anger, doubt and resentment? Or do you fill your innermost thoughts with love, faith, confidence, gratitude and joy?

Whatever is on the inside will soon be on the outside, and will indeed define who you are. Make positive use of that control you have over your deepest, innermost self.

Fill the inside with goodness, with love, with the best you can imagine. For what you keep inside, is what you do become.

-- Ralph Marston

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Jack said...

A D,

No matter how much you camouflage your innermost thoughts, those will errupt without your being concious about it. It is always good to keep your innermost thoughts clean.

Take care

eye-in-sty-in said...

Such blog posts make me want to say "amen" :-)

Raj said...


WarmSunshine said...

I agree with Jack :)

Vinz said...


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