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Monday, April 26, 2010

Your best whys

For everything you do, there is a reason why. It may be silly, it may be profound, but in every case there is some reason or other. There are those things you gladly do, those things you reluctantly do, and those things you put off until the last possible moment. For each one of those things, there is a reason why.

If you were to think about each why before you acted on it, consider what would happen. Many of those things that only end up causing regret and dismay, you'd never do at all. And those things that bring value and accomplishment, you'd find yourself doing more and more. Because instead of blindly following any old why, you'd pick the ones that matter most.

Life is filled with whys, yet following them all is not very wise. Decide to follow the ones that mean the most to who you are and the person you would like to become.

Think of the why behind what you do, before you ever do it. Pick the whys that matter most, and you'll get where you truly want to go.

-- Ralph Marston

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Sach! said...

:) reminded of Gandhi talisman :)

rainboy said...

I guess I won't want to think that much ;D

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Hmmmm..... !!

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