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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Be really rich

We all need each other.

What would happen to the richest person in the world, if no one else had any money? In such a case, even the greatest wealth would be meaningless.

Abundance cannot be stolen or hoarded. It must be lived.

Too often we see wealth as the result of a "getting" process. We waste an enormous amount of time figuring out how we can "get" this or "get" that. In reality, wealth results from a "creation" process.

And creation means giving of yourself. You have something within you that is valuable and unique. Something that you can use to create all the wealth you could ever need or want. Perhaps it is your fascination with sports, perhaps it is your skill with programming computers, or your ability to bring people together, or your knack for selecting appropriate colors. Maybe it is your extensive network or contacts, or your dedication to physical fitness, or your ability to compose music, or your skill at repairing machinery. It's probably a combination of things, and almost certainly something you enjoy. We find satisfaction in things we were meant to do.

Stop thinking about "getting" and "taking." Start thinking about "producing" and "creating". Within any situation, there are opportunities to make a positive, valuable contribution.

When you're primarily concerned with "What can I do for myself?" you might be able to make a good living. Ask "What can I do for others?" and you're on your way to building a fortune.

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Anonymous said...

One of the reason why I strive to excel in sports is because of a cartoon influence in the 90's... guess who starred that - Wayne Gretzky and Bo Jackson! :D Class athletes!

I think we live in a time where we want take take take, and not give. It's a naive comment because what have I seen in 27 years of existance, yet I feel that it used to be different.

Society is fascinated by their own bowl of soup; if only they pass it around when its nice and hot, everyone around you will enjoy the flavours of success too!

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Your blog is the most meaningful ive read... Your actually trying to help others which is great... Carry on..

AD said...

cookie monster, you have it what it takes to hit it big and for the better of a lot of people :)

Lonely Perverted Soul, i m just one of you!

Anonymous said...

I do what I can, but before anyone else - it's all about improving myself. Once I get somewhere with that, I'll think about working on the world! :)

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